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“Don’t wash your baby in the sink”…More than 200 safety accidents

“Don’t wash your baby in the sink”…More than 200 safety accidents


The Korea Consumer Agency has warned of more than 200 accidents every year due to damage to or collisions with bathtubs.


According to the Consumer Agency on Eight, a total of 693 laundry-related safety incidents were reported to the Consumer Risk Monitoring System over the past three years from 2018 to last year.


By the year, it had the highest number of cases with 249 in 2018, dropping to 212 in 2019, and then rising again to 232 last year.


By age, the number of safety accidents under the age of 10 was 36.7% (254 cases) more. 17.6% (122 cases) are in their 20s, 15.7% (109) are in their teens, 9.8% (68 cases) are in their 30s, by gender, 63.8% (442 cases) are men and 36.2% (251 case) of women.


When looking at children under 14 who are more likely to have safety accidents by age, 88.9% of preschoolers aged 0 to 6 years had an accident by hitting their bodies in the pelvis or falling out of the pelvis. In the case of children aged 7-14 years, 70% of accidents occurred due to a broken washbasin and cuts or lacerations to the skin.


The number one cause of injury is a “rupture, break and break” of the washbasin. According to the consumer agency, the washbasin collapsed and was injured, or the sink was damaged while leaning on the sink, sitting on it or washing feet.


The second is “collision” incidents. 57.9% of “crash” incidents occurred in infants. These are basically accidents where people hit their faces in the sink while brushing their teeth in the bathroom or while getting up from sitting.



In some cases, the severity of the injury was severe, such as a broken toe due to a fall of the pelvis, a cut of nerves or an injury to the body from blunt shrapnel when the pelvis was fractured.


To prevent accidents, the Consumer Authority urged people not to lean on or sit on the sink while carrying their weight on the sink, and to refrain from washing their feet with their feet. He also advised people to refrain from washing children in the sink.



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