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exercises at home

exercises at home


Simple exercises to reduce the abdomen at home Get a perfect figure that does not take long.

With the ever-accelerating work and current life style, many people do not have time to take care of themselves. Or having to sit and work in front of a computer screen all day caused the body to move less than usual, but did you know that very little body movement? Including constant exercise, all of which are major causes of abdominal obesity!

According to information from the Thai Health Promotion Network, Thai people are without a belly. It was found that there are more than 20 million Thais with health problems in this region, so try to turn around and take care of yourself with simple exercises to reduce the size of the abdomen at home. Introduction in this article because in addition to not taking too much time also not using a lot of equipment How easy is each exercise? What equipment do you need? let’s see!

Contents of exercises to reduce the abdomen easily at home.
  • Warm up your body before exercising.
  • A set of exercises to lose weight , flat stomach at home easily.
  • What not to do when setting a home weight loss exercise goal
  • Create a simple weekly exercise schedule to create a healthy regimen.
  • Recommended items for exercising at home
  • Tips for warming up with exercise bands

exercises at home
exercises at home


Warm up your body before exercising.

The most important thing before starting weight loss exercises is to warm up the body. Because a good warm-up helps a lot in reducing muscle soreness before the actual exercise. Or you feel that you can exercise less and that your muscles often ache, try to warm up with these positions, as this will help stretch your muscles to be able to exercise better and more resistant.

  • knee stretch

Warm up with knee raises by standing up straight with your feet slightly apart. Next, lift your right knee at a vertical angle of about 90 degrees with your left hand touching your knee. Alternate between the left side and the right side, and do two sets of this warm-up, each lasting about 1 minute or 30 reps.

  • Trot

Jogging is a very popular warm-up mode among exercisers. Because it can be done easily just stand up straight ready to run after that start trotting stay where you are and don’t go any further. Do two sets of this warm-up, each lasting about one minute.

  • Back kicking

Back kicking is a warm-up that is similar to the combination of knee raises and sprints because it requires you to stand upright. And slightly apart after that, use your hands on your waist. With a kick back and when kicking the left and right leg back and forth, it’s like jumping in place. Or run like a jogging pose by warming up in this pose for two sets, each set lasting about one minute or 30 reps.

  • balance arm

The balance arm pose is easy to do. Just raise one arm. And the other arm is attached to the body. Next, move your arms back and forth. Or swing the arms and legs at the same time together as well by warming up with this movement for two sets, each set will be done about 30 times.

  • Neck lift

The neck rotation and extension exercise is a great warm-up for the neck muscles that you should do before any exercise. It can be as simple as standing or sitting upright. Next, turn your face to one side as far as you can. Turn the hand to support the head and help push until it feels tight. Do the same thing over and over, alternating left and right, 10 times on each side.

  • foot touch

Finish the warm-up with a foot touch by standing up straight. and slightly apart after that, bent over. With one hand touching the toe on the other side alternate left and right back and forth slowly. Warm up with this exercise for 2 sets, each set lasting about 1 minute or 30 reps.


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A set of exercises to lose weight, flat stomach at home easily.

After warming up the body for at least 10 minutes, it’s time to burn fat with 8 exercises to reduce the abdomen without using devices that we have chosen for you. What will be there? let’s see

exercises at home
exercises at home
1. Bike crunch

Start with a tummy-flashing exercise like the bicycle push-up, which is similar to riding a bicycle. Start by lying on the floor. Next, connect it at the back of the neck. Lift one leg with both legs bent toward the body. Lift your opposite shoulder, and twist your torso until your elbow touches the knee of your raised leg. The other leg should be parallel to the ground. Alternate 3 sets from left to right, each set to be done 20 times. Waist ratio decreased


2. Leg lifts

The next exercise to reduce the abdomen is the leg lift, which is an exercise that helps burn fat in both the abdomen and the legs by starting from lying on the floor. With the arms resting and the hands at the side of the body next, lift both legs perpendicular to the floor and let the legs slowly fall parallel to the floor. As you lift the leg, be careful not to bend the back off the floor. Because it can cause back injury by doing this exercise for 3 sets, each set will be done 20 times.


3. Flutter kicks

The third exercise to reduce the abdomen is Flutter Kicks, which is an exercise that helps work the upper abdominal muscles. And the lower part as well start lying on the ground. With the arms resting and hands at the side of the body next, lift and hold both legs. And kicking the legs alternately up and down, with the legs not touching the ground, and the knees not bent and straightened, which should be practiced with this position about 15-20 times per one set and perform 3 sets per exercise.


4. Russian twist

A person who loses weight or reduces the abdomen, of course, must know the Russian twist position well. Because this position helps to tighten the lower abdomen. And the waist as well starting from sitting with your knees bent side by side with both feet close to each other and your feet slightly off the floor. Then clasp your hands together above your knees. Lean back slightly and roll the waist to one side with interlocking hands. With the legs still in the original shape, alternate left and right about 20 times per set and do 3 sets per exercise.


5. Mountain climbers

Abdominal exercises like Mountain Climbers start by putting your body into a push-up position. Putting your hands around your shoulders next, push one leg up until it lines up with your elbow. Closer to the chest Alternate left and right back and forth about 15-20 times per 1 set and do 3 sets per 1 exercise, but this abdominal exercise position is not suitable for overweight people. Because the wrist must be used to support the weight of the body. This can lead to a wrist injury.


6. Plank

Abdominal reduction exercises that can help build strength in the muscles of the core, abdomen, arms and legs at the same time. Starting from a prone position with your elbows shoulder-width apart, then raise yourself up. Planks should keep your back, hips and legs at the same level. For maximum efficiency for those who are just starting out, hold the exercise for 30 seconds per 1 set and do 3 sets per 1 exercise. Or regular exercise can increase the time. or as many groups as desired


7. V-ups

Abdominoplasty exercises such as V-ups are exercises that focus specifically on reducing belly fat. It is a position that can be done easily. Just lie flat on the floor with your arms flat on the floor and extended straight toward your head. Next, lift your toes. and arms together by allowing the hands to touch the toes or ankles and then slowly lower the hands and feet back to the preparation position. Do about 15-20 repetitions per set, and do 3 sets per exercise.


8. A flying dog

Flying dog pose is a weight loss exercise that helps build abdominal muscles. And the back is strong and more brief, starting from kneeling, lean forward and put your hands on the ground after that, spread your legs a little. Lift one leg. In straight lines and extended to the end parallel to the floor, then lift the arm opposite the leg. In straight lines and extended to the end parallel to the floor also alternate left and right about 20 times per set and do 3 sets per exercise.

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Things you should not do while exercising to get rid of belly fat at home
1. Work out on an empty stomach

It’s a misconception about exercise. Because exercising on an empty stomach can make it easier to feel tired. Dizziness during exercise is easier. And the glycogen in our muscles will be used by the body to burn instead of glucose, so it is best to eat about 45 minutes to 1 hour before exercise for the body to use as energy. It promotes the removal of old fat during exercise as well

exercises at home
exercises at home
2. Let the body dry.

It is something that should not be done. Because water is the most important thing for the body. Especially during exercise, the body releases heat in the form of sweat, causing the body to lose mineral salts and water in the body comes out, so you should drink enough water. And drink water while doing a little exercise to replace lost water

3. Don’t turn to sleep.

It’s another important thing many people tend to overlook that is so wrong that getting enough rest can help reduce the risk of injury during exercise. It also helps burn energy during exercise better, so you should get enough sleep. For your good health

4. Lack of discipline in allocating time

Most of the time, many people think that exercise can be done at any time. If he’s busy, that’s okay. Or today is particularly tired from work, you don’t have to do sports. But really to get the best results from weight loss exercises. Or different forms of exercise It must be done regularly and consistently, which at first may be a difficult period, but when we discipline ourselves to exercise every day. Good health will follow

5. Unhealthy eating

An unhealthy diet or lack of food choices is what affects the body the most. Because the food we eat can affect the body by up to 80%, so you must choose to eat foods that are good for your body. Avoid consuming fatty, fried foods, sugary foods, and high-sugar drinks. For good health and perfect figure


Create a simple weekly workout schedule. Create health specialties

In addition to learning about warming up the body. Abdominal reduction exercise and what not to do while exercising Another thing that is indispensable is to create a weekly exercise schedule. Which may be alternating with each type of exercise so that the exercise is varied. Be consistent and get results as set goals

A good exercise schedule is to exercise about 4 days a week. So that the body can burn excess fat regularly and it also helps to build strong muscles as well. But for those who are just starting to exercise, you can start by exercising only two to three days a week. By spending at least 30 minutes exercising and gradually increasing the number of days. And more time so you don’t push yourself too much. Exercising to get rid of belly fat will be fun and get more satisfactory results.



Recommended items for exercising at home
  • Rubber band exercise

The first home workout item is an exercise bar. It is a very popular exercise equipment. Because it can be used in conjunction with exercises to shrink the abdomen very well. The exercise band helps increase resistance for more exercise. And help make exercise more effective.

  • Yoga mat

Exercise things like yoga mats It is an item that everyone should have at home. Because a yoga mat is an important piece of equipment. This, in addition to allowing us to stand or perform various positions firmly, also helps reduce injuries, shocks and friction that may occur during exercise.

  • hula hoop

Hula Hoop is a suitable exercise item for those who focus on doing exercise to reduce belly a lot. Because the hoop is another activity that helps to reduce the abdomen very well. Because we have to use the muscles around the waist. However, hula hooping takes up a lot of space, so be sure to consider the area of ​​the hula hoop before purchasing. And you should not choose to buy too heavy a collar. Because it may cause injury from playing the hoop.

  • Jump rope

Skipping rope is an exercise item that comes in many types. Whether it is a plastic jump rope, a fabric jump rope, an embroidered jump rope or a cordless jump rope, it is a very suitable item for exercising and losing weight at home because it does not require much space and helps in losing weight as well.

  • ball exercise

Exercise balls help train balance. In addition, it can also be modified in combination with various abdominal reduction exercises, increasing resistance. Muscle exertion resulting in a solid body and enjoy more fun with other exercises

  • dumbbells

Dumbbells are another piece of exercise equipment that helps increase strength. And build muscle very well. In addition, it can also be used with a variety of abdominal reduction exercises. It also causes the body to build new muscle , which makes the metabolism system better and not back to fat again.

  • sweat towel

Although a sweat towel is an item that many people think is unnecessary. Or less needed But actually, sweat towels are very important. Because if the hand or any part of the body that should be used or holding the machine is very sweaty it may make it difficult to hold the exercise equipment. It may lead to infection

  • exercise headphones

An exercise item loved by many people like headphones, it is a device that adds fun to exercise. And if those who feel that abdominal reduction exercises have become boring or too difficult can add fun with music as well, so headphones are a must-have item for those who exercise. In order to help fill in the tempo in your workout you feel fun. And forget about fatigue



Additional Tips: Warm up your body with exercise bands.

Warming up with help such as resistance bands It is another way that can help muscles stretch more effectively. This will reduce injuries. Or inflammation during exercise makes when you exercise with other exercises, it will be more effective. Here are some fun warm-up exercises with rubber bands:

1. Shoulder circles

Start with shoulder circles, which can be warmed up by holding the bar in both hands, then pulling it out so that the arm is fully extended. With legs shoulder-width apart and simultaneously rotate shoulders and arms in a circular motion, heat this pose for 1 minute or 15-20 times.

2. Lateral raise

The side lift is a warm-up that can be used with accessories such as resistance bands. Or dumbbells, using both feet to step on the rubber band exercise. Along with using both hands to hold the elastic. Next, bend your body about 45 degrees and extend your arms to be level with your shoulders. By pulling the exercise band together with arms spread out, repeat this warm-up for 1 minute or 20-30 reps.

3. Side bending

The side bend is an easy warm-up. Standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Along with using both feet to step on the rubber band exercise. And use both hands to hold the exercise bar as well. Next, lean to one side. Use the opposite hand to pull the exercise band up toward the head as far as it will go. Heat this position for one minute or 15-20 times.

4. The sidewalk

The band’s final warm-up position, the berth, can be performed with the legs slightly apart. Along with using both feet to step on the rubber band exercise. And use both hands to hold the exercise bar as well. Next, take two steps to either side and use both hands. Lateral stretch elastic to the top of the head as much as possible. Alternate left and right for 1 minute or 15-20 times.

How are you doing with abdominal reduction exercises and the different elements that we collect in this article? I can say that I do it regularly and what it is. Even if you don’t have time to take care of yourself. It can have a perfect figure get rid of the belly fat problem for sure and for anyone who wants to buy things for a complete workout at home then you don’t have to go anywhere far. Because in Ratchada Street, which is a big life mall in the heart of Ratchada Street there are all kinds of exercise equipment to choose from. A variety of leading stores such as Mr. DY, the second floor, Moshi Moshi and Miniso, the first floor. The important thing is that the quality is good, the price is satisfactory, and it can be said that they are complete in one place.

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