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Giving alkaline water to a child – is it safe, benefits and more

Giving alkaline water to a child – is it safe, benefits and more

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  • What is alkaline water?
  • How is alkaline water better for your baby than tap water?
  • Is alkaline water safe for children?
  • Can you boil alkaline water?
  • How much alkaline water should you give your child?

Water supports life and children need it in many ways. As parents, we are always keen on giving the best to our children. The food that the baby eats has a greater ability to process it, which means that you should be able to provide him with more nutrition and pure, mineral-rich water. Alkaline water is best for this requirement.

What is alkaline water?

When we talk about alkaline water, we are talking about the pH balance of the water – the higher the balance, the higher the alkaline component. Thus, any water that has a balanced pH of 8 or higher is considered alkaline water.

How is alkaline water better for your baby than tap water?

The pH balance of our body depends on our diet. The benefits of alkaline water for infants are not yet proven, but it has been found to help young children consume more minerals, thus meeting their increased needs. Compared to tap water, alkaline water stands out as the first choice for children. Unlike tap water, alkaline water is cleaner, rich in minerals and thirst quenching. Unfiltered tap water can be dangerous—it contains harmful bacteria, fluoride, microplastics, heavy metals, and other particles that give it a bad taste and smell, and no parent will want to pass it on to their children. Don’t take risks. On the other hand, alkaline water fulfills your child’s need for clean water that is full of minerals. Several isolated research projects prove that alkaline water has properties that help reduce the incidence of acid reflux in young children. It has been observed that regular consumption of alkaline water in moderation reduces free radicals in the body, provides better hydration, strengthens the immune system and most importantly, balances the pH level in the body. Many minerals are filtered from tap water as it undergoes cleaning and filtration processes. Alkaline water retains all of those minerals, providing clean water full of health benefits.


Is alkaline water safe for children?

Although alkaline water has many benefits for young children, it is largely unproven. It is better to stick to the age-old tradition of feeding your baby with breast milk than with any other water. If the baby is using formula, you can use plain boiled water to make the milk. Babies do not have an acidic pH balance in their bodies because they only drink milk for the first six months, and breast milk is best.

Can you boil alkaline water?

Yes. Like any other water, alkaline water can also be boiled. This will not reduce its benefits because the water molecules in it will remain small clusters. Boiling alkaline water will not affect its alkalinity. The only downside is the reduction of positive ions due to the oxidation process.


How much alkaline water should you give your child?

There are specific guidelines to follow while giving alkaline water to your child. You should avoid giving alkaline water to your child 30-45 minutes before a meal. You should also not add alkaline water to your child’s food, and avoid giving it while taking any kind of medication. With these considerations in mind, alkaline water is a safer alternative to regular tap water. The amount of alkaline water your child drinks depends on his age. A child from 1 to 5 years old can consume up to 2 liters of alkaline water per day, and a child from 5 to 12 years old can consume up to 5 liters. Alkaline water can also help energize your child during sports and activities. Pre-teens and teens between 12 and 18 years old can drink at least 6 liters of alkaline water. This will keep their immune system stable and help them deal with stress effectively.


Regarding your child, it is important to take precautions and not overdo anything. Everything in moderation, including alkaline water, is good for your baby, both in the short and long term. However, it is important to remember a few things, such as avoiding using alkaline water to make formula milk for your child or giving him water when he is on medication. It is wise to consult your doctor before starting anything new with your child. It is important to develop healthy habits for your child, and they start at home. Encourage your child to stay hydrated at all times, as the pH balance of 9 is optimal for a healthy body. Alkaline water is beneficial. This will help him focus in school and do better both academically and on the field.


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