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Home Decor Trends in 2023 How to decorate your home according to your desires? Make it fun and trendy!

During this time people should stay home. It might make you bored waking up to see the same drab atmosphere and she wants to find something new so she has the idea of ​​wanting to decorate a new house because decorating the house inside is another activity that helps relieve stress in this case. Home decoration is everyone’s style as well as it reflects the identity of the homeowner. It can now reflect the tastes of the residents and it helps make the home more pleasant too. For those of you who love to decorate homes let’s update the home decor trends this year 2023. What’s striking, what’s cool, how to decorate it to be fun and trendy. In addition to all the benefits be sure to dress up. A happy home will make him feel really happy Make staying home It’s not the same boring and monotonous story. What are some interesting trends in home decor in 2023? Let’s go and see.

home decoration
home decoration


home deco


Simple, minimalist trend, less but more

The trend of minimalist home decor is still in 2023. “Minimalism” is a concept that many people know as “less but more” and “simple but elegant” is to decorate the house with minimalist furniture in a few colors that emphasize the decoration. Inside the house is not much. Choose only the items that are necessary for living in the house only. Focus on buying home consciously and necessary decorations, furniture or home decorations. You will focus on the color tones, white, cream, beige, which will give a sense of calm and simplicity. The definition of “less is more” is to use a few pieces of furniture. But it still looks neat Use it usefully. And it reflects the personality of many residents in addition to the minimalist trend, a similar style is Japandi Style, or the interior decoration that emphasizes simplicity, cleanliness, bright space, and light colors that look comfortable to the eyes. Look and feel comfortable and never get bored


Indoor plants close to nature by planting trees at home

Planting trees around the house It is a popular home decoration trend of all time. It may not look very fresh. But now that people are spending time at home. May cause stress and pressure. Increasing greenery at home is another activity in addition to making you feel good.Indoor plants also help purify the air. Increasing oxygen inside the house has become a home decoration trend by planting trees inside the house. It made people feel closer to nature than ever before and also caused the price of air purification plants to skyrocket over the past year. This year, decorating the house with greenery is still popular. Who has not started farming yet? If you’ve never planted a tree before, try to find a small plant pot. Like a cactus on a wooden shelf in a corner of the house, or decorate your home with an air-purifying plant like Monstera. Indian rubber trees, teak trees, planted bonsai trees, many auspicious trees, etc. In this, you will get a home closer to nature. The auspicious tree is already planted in the house. I think it helps attract good things. It can also enter the house


Home Office Decorate the home to have a separate work area.

Working from home or working at home, in many homes that have a space that is not conducive to working. Because there is no division of the house into proportional parts you may have to use a dining table as a work desk. Or arranging one corner in the bedroom is a desk where you can sit and work quietly, so this home decoration trend in 2023, the interior design of the interior to have a working corner is a very hot trend. By dividing the house into proportions and obtaining more privacy, add a work corner with a corner designed specifically for work. It should be a quiet corner with enough space to place desks, chairs and various work equipment. Keep it where it is well lit. In most cases, it is placed in one corner of the bedroom. Or in a home where there are not many people passing by to disturb the focus and most importantly don’t forget to add a small plant on the table.


home decoration
home decoration
sustainable design

Sustainability is sustainable and permanent. It is a trend in interior decoration. that emphasize environmentally friendly furniture such as the use of furniture made of wood or wood imitation materials choosing to buy used furniture rather than used furniture restoration of old furniture reduce the disposal of these items in hard-to-destroy waste. Because it is the year when people start to become more environmentally aware. Or if you are not good at selecting second-hand items, choosing to buy direct and durable furniture for use. Emphasizing the benefits that can be used for a long time is another good option. Buying organic home furnishings such as using home paints that are made from natural colors, no pungent smell, and no animal testing. Friendly with nature Home décor in 2023 focuses on simple decoration. Or timeless decoration No matter how time passes, I still know I’m not bored. Like the minimalist and Japanese style decoration


Furniture Curve Add curves with furniture.

Popular furniture for home decoration according to the home decoration trend of 2023 will focus on furniture with curves. Giving a pleasant and relaxing feeling helps reduce stress. Like choosing a sofa with a curved backrest, the rounded headboard looks easy on the eyes and also helps reduce accidents from sharp corners of the furniture. Anyone who likes to touch the corner of the table or the pinky fingers hitting the edge of the dresser the edge of the bed more often will certainly be satisfied as it emphasizes the non-flashy colors of the furniture. Such as light blue, light green and white, which makes the room look more airy. It’s a color scheme that looks easy on the eyes, or opt for home decor such as a vase with rounded edges to decorate the house and turn your home into a mini art gallery. It’s not a good idea at all.


Monochrome covers a variety of shades.

Plain or monochromatic home decorating is decorating using a variety of colors. Or use only one primary color for example, black, white or other colors, but the darker shades are different. Make it look dimensional and not boring, such as adding tricks by painting a dark wall, or if it is an exposed cement wall, then choose to use light-colored furniture, such as gray, light gray, and white, which makes it look elegant in home decor. If you like the interior decoration in bright colors  , choose to use natural colors without additions such as beige, cream and brown to cover the color of the room to look as natural as possible. The house will look more modern and modern. A style that doesn’t need a lot of embellishments. Plus, it looks sustainable and durable, so no matter how many times you look at it, you won’t get bored.


home decor

home decoration
home decoration
70’s Retro Style Decorate the house in a retro style.

Despite the passage of time, people still remember the beautiful past. Home decor trends in this year 2023 have brought vintage style to home décor. Wan came back to say again. Making people remember the vibes of yesteryear Home decor captures the scent of the ’70s with chevrons, polka dots, and floral patterns punctuated by straight lines. Let’s add tricks as ingredients to decorate the house. Whether it’s a small polka dot sofa cushion background wall or wooden floor that is placed alternately in a chevron pattern, it is a vintage style home decor used as a home decoration idea in this year 2023.


And all these are ideas for home decoration in 2023. It is a home decoration idea that in addition to being fashionable, it also meets all needs and functions. There is also space to relax in times when it is easy to feel stressed . Whether planting trees, using curves for decoration, and choosing colors for decoration, I hope it will be useful for anyone who wants good ideas for decorating a new home


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