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Amazing things to do in nature on foot

Amazing things to do in nature on foot

What is a nature walk? It’s as simple as spending time hiking in the woods, park or country. Taking your child for a walk in nature brings more experiences and encourages creativity. You will be amazed at the things your child will absorb during these explorations.

Is your child getting absorbed too much in today’s media-driven environment? It is true that children love televisions, video games, iPads, etc., but getting them outside is essential for their physical and mental development. How about taking a nature walk and incorporating these little ideas that will keep your little one sparkling and informed?

Nature walks facts and ideas for preschoolers

1. Exploration and Promotion!

A walk in a forest path, park, playground, or any other place with lots of greenery can be classified as a nature walk. These places provide good opportunities to explore nature with children. As you go, ask questions, sing nature songs, make bird calls, collect leaves and flowers, look for exotic decorations on tree trunks, or look at the clouds in the sky. Event. There is so much in nature that enhances children’s knowledge, with exploration as well as keywords!

2. Collect the treasures of nature

A good way to keep your child’s mood interesting is to let him collect different things with your walk. Some of the common items found on nature walks are dried leaves or flowers, stones, insects, twigs, etc. Once you get home, encourage your child to make decorations or arrange collectibles in a row. This will open the horizon to a new world of imagination. In addition, you will learn about the impact of changing weather and climate.

3. Bird watching

Bird watching is one of the most interesting nature ideas for kids. Young children love to see different types of birds and love to imitate chirping. You can also take a camera with you to capture the flying bird, zoom in and watch the glowing wings soar across the sky. And yes, don’t forget to snuggle with the telescope; Your child will love to take a closer look at the bird.

4. Work experience

By taking a walk with the kids in nature, you can help your child touch, feel, and see the visual elements inside the home. Your introductory teacher is just starting to learn about air, water, solids, etc. A nature walk will allow her to gain hands-on experience that will work wonders in validating her learning. Encourage him to touch and feel the coarse texture of the soil, the hardness of the rocks, the change in the state of the water, etc. And soon he will surprise you with questions related to nature!

5. How about the artwork?

Have your child carry a notebook and a pencil in a small daypack. When you take a break in the middle of your walk, encourage him to draw something about experiences and memories from nature. Remember to appreciate the comments she takes in her drawings.

Walking in nature with children is beneficial for their cognitive development. At the same time, it is a beautiful bonding time between parents and children.

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