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What are earthquakes and how do they occur.. Is it the work of humans?!


What are earthquakes and how do they occur.. Is it the work of humans?!


What are earthquakes and how do they occur? Is it the work of humans
What are earthquakes and how do they occur? Is it the work of humans

Home insurance: What causes an earthquake? How to protect yourself when an earthquake occurs?


Earthquakes like  “earthquakes”  are disasters that don’t happen often in Thailand. But it often creates the effect of earthquakes in neighboring countries. Recently, there was an earthquake with its epicenter in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, with a magnitude of 6.4, a depth of 3 km, far from the northwest of Mae Sai district. Chiang Rai Province is located about 87 kilometers away and found that area in Chiang Rai Province received continuous tremor several times  (  Myanmar earthquake, one day 52 times, maximum strength 6.4, Chiang Rai shook  )  , and if an unexpected event such as an  “earthquake” occurs  , preparations must be taken to prevent danger. how? What is the cause of the earthquake?  Sin Munkong Insurance  has information to tell you.





What are earthquakes and how do they occur? Is it the work of humans
What are earthquakes and how do they occur? Is it the work of humans


What caused the earthquake?

Information from the Department of Mineral Resources.  It states that an earthquake is a natural disaster caused by the shaking of the earth. Due to the release of energy to reduce the pressure accumulated inside the earth to stabilize the crustal balance. An earthquake occurs due to two main reasons: 

    1. Due to human actions  , including the atomic bomb test. Water retention in the dam and blowouts from mining 

    2. Naturally Born Due to the Movement of Tectonic Plates There are two widely accepted theories of earthquake mechanics:
        – An earthquake is caused by the bending of the Earth’s crust. Sudden deflection and when an object breaks, it releases energy in the form of seismic waves
        – earthquakes come from the movement of fault lines. When the fault moves to a certain point, the object is greatly torn and deformed. Besides releasing massive energy in the form of seismic waves after which the object returns to its original form

What are the risks of an earthquake?

Earthquake disasters can occur both directly and indirectly

  • Direct losses  include landslides, volcanic eruptions, collapse of buildings due to earthquakes, fires, gas leaks, tsunamis, landslides, damaged transport routes, epidemics and mental health problems of the victims. Loss of life and property 
  • Loss of the economy,  such as communication outages. Computer freezes or crashes, ground transportation, ground transportation, air suspension, people panic , affecting investment, insurance, etc.

What are earthquakes?

What parts of the country are at risk of earthquakes?

Most earthquakes occur abroad. Which is located at the intersection line of tectonic plates As for Thailand, there is no risk of an earthquake because there is no area located in the area. But geologists have found there are many major earthquake sources that do not yet have the characteristics that would be expected to cause a major earthquake or not. 

At present, earthquake hazards in Thailand are usually caused by earthquakes of medium magnitude. The areas at high risk of earthquakes in Thailand are:

 1. The area near the source of the earthquake  along the fault lines inside and outside the country mostly in the region north and west of Thailand
2. The areas that had a history or statistics of earthquakes in the past and damage occurred. Then except during an earthquake for a long time, the area is likely to cause earthquakes. 3.
Areas with loose soil that can amplify vibration well,  such as areas with a thick layer of mud underground, such as lowlands. or near the mouth of a river, etc.

What does Richter mean?

The Richter scale  is a measure of the magnitude of an earthquake, a quantity associated with the strength of an earthquake. The magnitude is calculated from the height of the seismic wave measured by the seismic detector. To indicate the magnitude of an earthquake where it occurs, known as  the “epicentre”  which in theory has no limits on the intensity. But in reality, no earthquake higher than 9.0 on the Richter scale has occurred.

What are earthquakes and how do they occur? Is it the work of humans
What are earthquakes and how do they occur? Is it the work of humans

How do you prepare before an earthquake?


1. Equip a flashlight with batteries and a medicine bag.
    2. Have fire fighting equipment ready at home such as fire extinguishers and sandbags
    3. Do not place heavy objects on floors or high shelves 
    4. Attach heavy appliances firmly to the floor and walls 5.
    There should be a plan for meeting points when lost
    6. Build houses according to for the schedule. for earthquake-prone areas

What are earthquakes ?

During an earthquake… what do you need to be careful about!

1. Don’t panic, try to control your mind. 2. Don’t panic
    if you are at home. 3. Stay away from doors, balconies, and windows
    if you are in the building. Find a safe place to hide, such as crouching under a table or a place with sturdy leg structures
    . Keep away from electric poles, billboards, buildings and hanging objects
    5. Do not use sparks.
    Because there may be a gas leakage in that area, stop the car in a safe place
    7. It is strictly forbidden in the elevator. During
    an earthquake if you notice that the sea level is receding quickly faster to escape to the higher position. Because a tsunami might happen

What are earthquakes?

After the earthquake .. How do you behave?

 1. After the earthquake strikes, check to see if you and others around you are injured.
    2. In case of injury, perform first aid and transfer the injured person to the nearest hospital or medical unit.
    3. If you are staying in the damaged building, the damage must leave the building immediately 
    4. Shoes must be covered with heels. Because there may be broken glass or other sharp objects causing injuries.
    5. Check the cleanliness of the wires, water pipes and gas pipes.
    6. If gas leaks into the house, open all windows and doors for ventilation
    . 8. Turn on the radio
    to hear emergency instructions 
    9. Clear damage to water pipes, sewer pipes
    and toilet pipes before using them The building is broken
    11. Don’t spread rumors.Or believe the rumors

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The website of the Department of Mineral Resources stated that the earthquake was a natural disaster. Because the earth is shaking due to the release of energy to stabilize the equilibrium of the earth’s crust  currently, scientists cannot predict the time, location, and intensity of an earthquake that will occur in the future.
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