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Turkey and Syria earthquake : the death toll exceeded 35,000, and the United Nations expects more than 50,000 deaths

Turkey and Syria earthquake : the death toll exceeded 35,000, and the United Nations expects more than 50,000 deaths

Turkey and Syria earthquake: the death toll exceeded 35,000, and the United Nations expects more than 50,000 deaths
Turkey and Syria earthquake: the death toll exceeded 35,000, and the United Nations expects more than 50,000 deaths

A week has passed since the earthquakes that hit Turkey and Syria. The death toll has risen to over 35,000 and is still rising. Turkish authorities stepped up to maintain order in the disaster area and initiated legal proceedings against those involved in the construction of buildings that collapsed in the earthquake.

Turkey and Syria earthquake

The February 6 earthquake in Turkey and Syria was the sixth most powerful natural disaster in the world after more than 35,000 deaths, more than the 2003 earthquake in Iran.

The latest death toll in Turkey was 31,643 and Syria 3,688, bringing the total to 35,331, while Turkish authorities say about 80,000 people have been taken to hospitals and millions more are in temporary shelters.

Earlier, the United Nations (UN) expected the death toll to be twice as high, to exceed 50,000.

On Sunday (February 12), rescuers pulled more survivors from the rubble of the building six days after the blast.

In the city of Antakya, Turkey, Chinese rescue teams and firefighters saved the life of a 54-year-old Syrian man after 156 hours.

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Satellite images before and after the earthquake in Turkey

There are a few non-collapsed buildings on the main streets of Antakya. Large cracks and fragments were found on the facade of the building. While city traffic has to stop periodically. When the rescuers announced that all movements were silent to catch signs of life under the collapsed rubble.

Sunday survivors of the rescue Parents, daughters, boys and girls of 10 years old were also rescued.

Turkey and Syria earthquake

Caption, 12-year-old girl Cody rescued. After being trapped under the rubble of a building for 147 hours on February 12 in Hatay, southern Turkey. 
Turkey and Syria earthquake

There is still hope

Recently, rescue teams were able to help a 5-year-old boy from Aras who was trapped under the rubble of his house in Kahramanmaras. After being stranded for more than 105 hours since the earthquake

He was sent to the hospital for treatment. After it was found that the body temperature was low

Although Aras survived, his seven-year-old sister, nine-year-old brother, and father died in the earthquake.

Hatay city (Hatay) in southern Turkey. Rescue workers managed to free the 12-year-old Kadi after 147 hours and the seven-month-old baby after 139 hours. The authorities managed to rescue another 13-year-old girl from Gaziantep. Rescuers called when they pulled the girl out. I am a miracle


Image source, Reuters

Rescue teams managed to save five-year-old Aras, who was trapped under the rubble of his house in Kahramanmaras. After being stranded for more than 105 hours since the earthquake

In addition to helping the survivors, the situation in Turkey continues to be troubled by theft. In the city of Antakya, the store owner had to move the goods in the store to prevent them from being stolen. This has also been encountered by citizens and aid workers traveling from other cities. After large-scale robberies take place in stores and crumbling homes,

Turkey and Syria earthquake

Turkey will hold parliamentary elections. And the President on May 14, which is considered by many parties as an important test for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan from the aforementioned turmoil. The President (Rajab) undertook to deal with these thefts.

Should the building structure collapse in the earthquake, the questionable safety is that the disaster was exacerbated by humans. And inflicting serious damage in 10 provinces, the last Turkish official – issuing 113 arrest warrants for those involved in the construction of the collapsed building. And arrested and imprisoned 12 people, including the contractor.

Austrian rescue workers search for survivors in Turkey

Image source, Reuters

Austrian rescue workers search for survivors in Turkey

Unrest in southern Turkey – halting searches for survivors and missing persons from the earthquake in some areas.

The German rescue service and the Austrian army suspended search operations on Saturday due to clashes between unknown groups.

One of the rescuers said he expected the security situation to deteriorate. Because of the scarcity of food and water and dwindling hope

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he would exercise emergency powers against those who break the law.

An Austrian military spokesman said: Clashes took place between unknown groups in Hatay province. As a result, dozens of Austrian emergency responders had to seek refuge in the base camp. with other international organizations

“There is growing inter-group aggression in Turkey,” Lieutenant-Colonel Pierre Kuglois said in a statement, and “the chance to save lives would be unbelievable if there was a security risk.”

Hours after Austria stopped searching operations, the Turkish Defense Ministry said, the Turkish army will come to guard. And make the rescue operations continue.

Recently, the Austrian Ministry of Defense reported that the Austrian rescue team is back on mission.

Meanwhile, the German ISAR Rescue Service and the German Technical Relief Agency (TSW) announced that they were stopping their searches. For safety reasons too

A spokesman for the ISAR rescue teams said a growing list of clashes between the groups, including gunfire.

However, the German rescue team vowed to prepare to resume operations. Once the Turkish authorities can keep the situation safe.

Turkey and Syria earthquake

President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The Turkish president has not yet commented on the unrest in Hatay province, but stressed that the government will prosecute those involved in organized crime.

During his visit to the affected region on February 11, Mr. Erdogan stated that the government had declared a state of emergency. This means that from now on, if anyone participates in looting, or kidnapping they will be strictly prosecuted.

According to Agence France-Presse, quoting Turkish government media, 48 people were arrested on Saturday on suspicion of theft. In addition, the authorities confiscated several items. Lots of guns, coins and jewels. And a bank card

A 26-year-old man rushes to look for a colleague among collapsed buildings in Ankara. According to Reuters , people were smashing shop windows and doors. And the windshield already.

The largest earthquake in the world occurred on February 6, with its epicenter in southeastern Turkey. Next to the Syrian border, it has a magnitude of 7.8 and its second intensity. Its magnitude is 7.5 degrees

Turkey and Syria earthquake

Martin Griffiths

, UN Deputy Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Chief Emergency Relief Coordinator, the death toll is expected to double compared to the current death toll.

During a visit to the Turkish city of Kahramanmaras, the epicenter of the first earthquake, Mr. Griffiths said it is difficult to estimate the true number of dead. Because we need to find those trapped under the rubble first. But he is confident that it will be at least two or more times higher than the current balance

Paramedics and rescue workers search for victims trapped under the rubble. Amid cold weather in both countries, the United Nations has warned that at least 870,000 affected people need freshly cooked food. It is expected that Syria alone there may be up to 5.3 million homeless people

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