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13 Little Struggles Only Working Moms Understand

13 Little Struggles Only Working Moms Understand

Lean in, writer Sheryl Sandberg talks to The Office about her upheaval in winning a parking lot when the physical effects of pregnancy made walking difficult. You remember making conference calls and the sound of breast pump grinding in the background. Her struggles have been real, but they certainly aren’t universal: Most of us don’t have private offices that we can pump. Those of us who commute by public transportation have no less of a walk from the subway than the rest of the non-pregnant public. But I think that’s what she was trying to prove: workplaces are not particularly suitable for mothers. And while Netflix’s parental leave policy challenges standards of work-life balance, much of the company’s culture is still stuck in the 1950s mentality of offices being built for men, who were the first to work in these environments.

With about 50 percent of the workforce being female, and about 70 percent of them being mothers, we need to put in place a ‘labour’ structure.

When I had my first child, there was no legal provision that would allow me to pump during the workday. I find an unused dressing room in the studio, or ask to borrow one from a co-worker’s desk, because I’ve been sitting on an open cube farm. But before I had my second child, New York State passed a law requiring companies with more than 50 employees to take unpaid leave (20-30 minutes) and private, designated space (an unused bathroom or closet). Earlier this year, Obama did a better job creating these states as part of the National Affordable Care Act. Yes!

And while it is progress for those who are breastfeeding, there are many smaller (more personal) struggles that all working moms have to deal with at one time or another.

A call from the nursery at 10:30 am

Within 3 minutes at 10:45 three and after the missed call it was known that I was drinking more coffee. This is never a good sign that either someone is sick or has lice in their pants or some kids are at school. Either way, there’s a good chance your productivity for the day is about to take a shot.

Multitasking, AKA, one-handed emailing while you pat on the lips of a breast pump

There must be some really cool applications of this early balancing skill after breastfeeding. Maybe you like moonlight as a chef?

School visits, orientation, registration, demos, parent-teacher conferences

Of course, these things only happen during business hours. At the beginning or end of the day is appropriate , not even working hours. It’s always one in the afternoon, aka, it’s too late to squeeze in at lunch and it’s too early to leave “a little early” from work.

Feeling irritated, proud, and a little embarrassed about your office decor

Whatever it is, according to Bob , I’ve never seen you do anything impressive with dried pasta and chewing gum.

Scheduling meetings around the schedule of pumping/receiving from school

No matter what level of parenting you are at, the agenda will be acrobatics that have to be performed to suit everyone.

To stick to milk after a co-worker’s vacation

Not right.

Night business trips

“I miss you guys,” I said earnestly into my phone as I sat luxuriantly in the luxurious hotel bed, to sleep incessantly through the night.

It’s better to be a working mom and that can be the bad part.

Use the pump bag / diaper bag as a wallet / laptop bag

If breast milk is just as effective at keeping cold, I can’t help it because it’s in keeping Starbucks warm.

Maintaining the delicate network of childcare, built with schools, children and grandparents

…and everything immediately flew at me if there was any delay in the train or a school day.

Listen to yourself and say: “Let mom go to work!” While my baby tries to leave me

And feeling like the worst person ever.

Listening to the sleeping coworker is too busy, because there is nothing else to do with the care

Listen, I’m not the one to shame or freak out about your childless life. I will never do. All I say is: No kid, no busy. Please figure out how to schedule (no, you and no word huh ) you have it easy.

When the meeting is going on for a long time and you can’t pump in time, wrap your breasts.

If you’re not breastfeeding, feel free to change it to (exactly) “One meeting lasts longer and realize you didn’t have time for breakfast that morning and now you’re hungry.” you will die.

Sadness when your child’s teacher sends a picture of your child without you being cute

Arrive at 5.

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