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Is your child ready for toilet training?

Is your child ready for toilet training?

 Unreasonable kidAll parents – and their children – will experience setbacks during toilet training. But being patient and positive will lead to the end result more quickly.

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It is certainly easier for you and your child to be patient and positive if you wait until they are ready to start the process. It will also mean less setback in the long run.

So what is the right time to train?

While many parents are eager to start their child’s toilet training journey when they are around two years old – some even start as early as 18 months – it’s always a good idea to check if they’re ready or not, and show them signs. These signs can be both physical and mental.

The following checklist can help you see if it’s time to think everything through.

signs of readiness

• Your baby’s toilet habits will start to change, he will stay in the dryer longer – and often during the day he will start to control his bladder more.

• His bowel movements will also become regular, and this is expected at certain times of the day.

• Your child has reached a point where he can begin to follow instructions in other aspects of his life.

• They can pull their pants up and down.

• Your child is more independent in a variety of ways – they may insist on doing things for themselves, saying “I do it!” or not!’ very.

• They will begin to show interest and interest in going to the toilet or wearing underpants or training pants.

• Your baby will begin to tell you when his nappy is soiled, or he may show very visible physical manifestations, such as grunting or squatting.

• You will tell baby exactly that he doesn’t like the feeling of his wet diaper (that’s a great start!).

Keep in mind that there are other factors that can hamper your child’s toilet training; A disruption in the routine, a new addition to the family, or anything that may stress your child can have an effect. Try to set a time to start the process so that once this kind of thing will install well, or it may stop for a while.

So what’s next? What you need to do to start the toilet training process.


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