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Teaching your preschooler how to dress

Teaching your preschooler how to dress

Dressing is an important skill that preschoolers must learn. As a parent, you need to encourage them to take care of themselves independently. Here are some techniques that you can follow to teach them the right way to dress.

Preschool is a very exciting age. At this point, your child wants to be independent, and parents play a very important role in building that confidence and self-reliance. One of the different factors that instills confidence in them is developing the skills to prepare themselves independently.

Tips for teaching preschoolers to dress themselves

  • Give your child a few options (not many, as they are bound to get confused and leave you impatient) to choose from. Remember that children at this age are not able to color their clothes.
  • Set some basic rules such as the same underwear that cannot be worn the next day or the same outfit should not be worn on two consecutive days.
  • Explain the simple steps involved in getting dressed. For example, to put on pants, the steps may be:
    • Lift your pants from your waistband
    • Lower the pants and raise your left leg
    • Put the left leg in the left pants hole
    • Put the right foot into the right pant hole
    • Pull the pants up to the knees
    • Stand and pull the pants to the waist
  • Wearing underwear is easier than getting dressed. You can choose to teach him first and then start getting dressed
  • Pressing and pressing buttons can be a complex task for your little ones to start. To learn how to push / unbutton and push / unbutton, try to choose clothes with large buttons and zippers. You can play the game and have them learn how to put the button in the tab and back. It goes with the fasteners up and down like a fast moving car.


  • Snapshots are another skill that your preschooler will learn very quickly. Try shopping for clothes with big shots. Help your child align the shots first, then place them one at a time and press until they make a “click.” To unlock, guide both sides of the fabric by separating them, and they can unlock. Don’t be surprised if your kids are better at picking up.
  • Sliding on shoes is another skill that your child will learn easily if they start with light shoes. Try to choose shoes and sandals with velcro, which are more convenient to open and close. Let your child sit on the floor while he learns how to put his shoes on.
  • To get them to learn how to wear a jacket/T-shirt, start with loose-fitting clothes to try and train.

Remember that teaching your children to dress and dress independently takes a lot of patience, persistence, and practice on both sides. It can take days and weeks of training for a specific skill to be definitively acquired. It may also be that some children with developmental problems may have difficulty getting on or off clothes, or they may be allergic to certain fabrics such as satin or silk. In such cases, it is advisable to consult your doctor or therapist, who will help the children with some strategies and teach them how to dress either with a brace or by providing tools.

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