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10 gross things that honestly lazy moms don’t care about

10 gross things that honestly lazy moms don’t care about

Being a lazy mom comes with a certain stigma, at least in the mommy world. There are women who believe that mothers need to constantly organize and sanitize their toys, children’s toys in homes and homes every day, and plan organic meals throughout the week. Then, well, there are lazy moms. They may not have a spotless home, but not all lazy moms are anxious. What could send a super-organized mom of the type into a basic frenzy won’t just be a picture on the lazy mom’s radar. Being a lazy mom means being more tolerant of chaos in general, which isn’t always a bad thing. After all, fatherhood isn’t about perfection, it’s about setting priorities.

You can definitely call me a lazy mom. As I write this, I can look to my side and see games scattered all over the room. There are still clean dishes hanging in the dishwasher, and soiled dishes piling up in the sink for the first time this morning. It didn’t bother me, though, because it’s been a crazy day so far and getting my kids out of the house on time, getting to my doctor’s appointment on time, and then going home. It was time for action, and that was the priority. Yes, lazy all the way.

I used to be a perfectionist, but striving for perfection is a never ending trait (at least for me) in the end not only will it ruin your mental health, but it will likely destroy your children as well. It was so easy for me to lose sight of what I was really focusing on to look “complete”. That’s why, now that I’m a lazy, unapologetic mom, I don’t mind the little things, including:

crumbs on the floor

Obviously, we’re not talking about spaghetti or yoghurt scattered all over the earth, but some crumbs that find their way onto your kitchen floor or wherever your kids eat, part of the world not the end. I use Duster Buster regularly, but if these bits stay on the floor for a few days, no one will die, right?

Some dirty surfaces

Then again, yes, there is still cleaning on a regular basis, but I’m not sure about cleaning everything the kids touch. Germs aren’t all bad, folks.

When your baby does not shower in a few days

Totally unnecessary, folks. Plus, too much hot or hot water dries out your skin! And it’s not like they’re all sweaty, right? Clean soiled spots until they turn into mud or sand or float in a chlorinated pool.

Pizza (or any fast food) for dinner

I won’t lie: When we ordered pizza last night, my son, who is not yet two years old, exclaimed, “Pizza! Pizza!” He started screaming. At the top of his lungs, I felt guilty for a moment. Then I remembered that my family was in the midst of a crazy time, and if I wanted to spend a few extra minutes with my kids when they got home, instead of discovering dinner wasn’t ready yet. If so, this is pizza.


When I notice, if I’m not being weighed by other things at the moment, I’ll grab my duster and dust the layer off the shelves, TV, and everything else. However, what if a crust appears when your child comes to play? It basically means that I’m busy doing more important things in my life.

dirty baby clothes

My son has an apple on his shirt? Yes, it happened a couple of hours ago, and it wasn’t worth replacing it. When he is a full container he will drown himself, yes, he will change. Is it worth a teaspoon? number and

Dirty dishes left in the sink

Sometimes my mental health is more important than loading the dishwasher to get the kids to sleep. Usually, the dirty dinner plates are laid out, and I either sleep, talk to my husband for the first time in an entire day, or catch Netflix. If that makes me a bad dad, I’m fine with that.

Searching your child’s mouth around the grocery cart

I really hate it when my daughter does this, but what am I going to do? It’s not like I can spray hand sanitizer down his throat, so I can go ahead as well.

Disgusting habits of children

My daughter picks her nose and eats it. I should really take a breath and let this go, because any kind of yelling or pleading or explaining or explaining how bad or gross this is has changed my mind. So, for now, I’m going to take a hint from Elsa and give it a shot.

Your children’s overall eating habits

You know how it goes: They fill their mouths to the point that the food is out, and they end up eating. Yummy and well, you won’t believe how quickly you learn a lesson when you don’t step in to help clean it all.

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