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8 things to know about your Sagittarius baby

8 things to know about your Sagittarius baby

Do you want to learn more about astrology in the adventurous, fun and open-minded Sagittarius? If you were born between November 22 and December 21, read on.

Here’s what you’ll need to know about being a mother!

    1. they are traveling


Sagittarius kids love to move around. They tend to be very restless and independent, and will travel the world when they get older. For now, your little one will stop as soon as his little sag has discovered crawling, and will progress before he ever sleeps. Before the walk, take your child outside in the stroller frequently and for car trips to feed his adventurous spirit. Once your child can reach a toddler, you will chase after him nonstop.


    1. They love people (but need their space)


Outgoing and full of energy accurately describes people born under this sign. You will be thrilled when you are surrounded by your peers, who will love his capricious spirit and his open-minded, friendly charm. Young children do not like being left alone for long periods and prefer hearing familiar sounds, which may help them sleep better. But although they like to be around people more often, they don’t enjoy smoking out of love and attention. As free spirits, Sags love their space and freedom. Keep it close to you, but not stifling.


    1. Imagination rules their world


The Sagittarius child is blessed with a terrifying imagination, able to dream up entertaining stories and be obsessed with daydreaming. For this reason, the line between fantasy and reality can sometimes be blurry for these children. Your child may have an imaginary friend, and they tend to exaggerate or insist that whatever they are imagining is a reality. Although this can happen when your child is a little older, it is essential to allow him to immerse himself in his imaginative world.

    1. they are funny



From birth, these babies love to laugh and have sex with others. The hefty sound of his massive vocals will probably make you addicted to him, he’s so much fun. Your Sagittarius will one day be a class clown, loved by peers for his sense of humor (but not so by their teachers).

    1. Those Rules (But They Need To)


Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are often non-conformist and walk to the beat of their own drummer. But it is very logical and here you will be able to keep the little greens in line. Conventional punishment will not work on your child; Instead, use reason and explanation to help him understand appropriate and inappropriate behaviors.


    1. Toilet training can be difficult


For these children, potty training can be a mixed bag. On the other hand, your child wants to please you, so he will have days when everything goes smoothly. But Sagittarius kids can be neglectful and restless, qualities that don’t bode well for toilet training. Your little one doesn’t respond to external stimuli very often. Use patience and kind nature and you will eventually get there.

    1. They are awful for money


Excited and a little impulsive, Sagittarius is not known to be good for the zodiac. Quite the opposite! If there is any hope that you will be responsible for your child’s fault as an adult, it is imperative that you give him some responsibility in terms of money as a child. Teach him to save some of his allowances and watch out for any additional debts. When he’s spent it all and still wants more, it’s up to you to do it without overthinking and teach him that next time he needs to budget more carefully.

    1. They are a little wild


Sagittarius kids always play in the dirt, leave a messy room to tackle a more interesting project, or act out to try new things. They love to learn, but if that’s not something that attracts them quickly, all bets are off and they quickly get bored and unable to sit back.

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