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How technology allows you to be with your child even when you are away

How technology allows you to be with your child even when you are away

There is nothing more to worry about than being away from your child even for a few hours. Yes, he needs to rest, eat, run, and take some time out for the rest of his life, but it is very difficult to get anyone to trust his angel! Fortunately, there is now a clever way that you can be with your child when you are not. In confusion? Read on to see what we mean.

In your absence, your child is doing many things. Yes, he falls asleep for a while. But soon after, he began to look around the room, noticing the people in the house, and pulling all he could to put his little hands, and generally became a more active child. Even if that’s not entirely true, as mothers, we tend to worry about the little ones of us when we’re away from them. It’s the mom’s problem that brands like Motorola have tried to tackle by inventing an innovative product – the baby monitor.

Baby Monitor is a device that can be set up in your baby’s room to monitor and control all actions – including the sound of his crying! With a wired / wireless connection to your smartphone, it allows you to view all the necessary information about your child. And we really mean everything – including his temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate, and even room temperature! And if you’re putting it on in the form of a regular cam, check out these great ways to make sure you’re really close to your baby:

1. You can talk to your child

Some baby monitors now come with a button on the parent unit, allowing you to talk to your baby through the baby unit’s speakerphone. So any time you see your child feeling anxious, all mom needs to do is talk or sing in person!

2. Make sure he is as comfortable as you can be

Does your child feel very cold? or too hot? This capable baby monitor allows you to adjust the room temperature to suit your baby’s needs. It is ideal for homes with central heating or air conditioning.


3. You can play a song for her or a lullaby

When mom isn’t around, nap time can be tough. Why not use a baby monitor that lets you choose from a selection of lullabies to help your baby sleep? For example, the Motorola MBP662 offers you five carefully selected songs. Otherwise, there is always the option to sing to your child through the high sensitivity microphone.

4. You can follow your child around the house

If you are the mother of a baby who has recently learned to crawl, you really need this! Choose a baby monitor that can be combined with multiple baby units and a Histo hoe, you can run behind your baby just like you would in real life – all that away!

5. You can watch it – from every angle

Our children are our biggest and deepest passion. We want to see them from everywhere – up, down, left, right

Guess what, some baby monitors come with a video remote control and tilt and zoom so baby’s heart is full to watch!

We love how thoughtful technology and inventions have now made it possible to deal with separation anxiety. Even when you are away from your child physically, he is still close to you and you know he is okay. Now if that doesn’t convincing, then nothing!

Do you use a baby monitor at home? How did you help calm your mind as a new mom?

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