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Fun Fun How To Feed The Baby

Fun Fun How To Feed The Baby

Eating solid foods isn’t always baby’s newest activity – here are 10 ways to make it more fun for both of you.

1. Turn off the pressure


Most of the calories for a baby in the first year should come from breast milk or infant formula – solid food is just cream. This means that if you bite her lips or paint the mash you made, that’s okay. Do not press anything – it should be comfortable. If the child isn’t interested, move on to the next thing and keep trying slowly without tears – he’ll want to eat eventually.

2. Try finger feeding


Although you may want the first baby to hop off a soft spoon, the first baby may respond better to something more familiar – you! Scoop the baby with your index finger to feed and feed the baby. She may respond better — she may even eat — when she eats.

3. Yama performance


The child wants to do what the father and mother do. So whenever you can, bite (or lick) yourself, make delicious noises, and then feed the baby. He’d probably be excited to savor all the hype.

4. Eat when the child eats


The family meal can begin as soon as the child is able to sit safely in the high chair. Try and get one that pulls out to the table and is about the same height as your kid’s, and make it a family meal. If you have baby safe foods on your plate, that’s even better. Feed him some mashed potatoes, mashed avocado, tofu – anything he could easily swallow, and that’s not salty. (Children’s kidneys have trouble processing excess salt.)

5. Be at peace with chaos


Learning to eat is a messy business. Set up a spray mat under the highchair and relax. It gets messy, and that’s okay. If you’re a mom who makes fun of all your extravagance or ostentation, dinner time isn’t exactly fun. Take a deep breath and know you can clean up afterwards – that’s what wipes are for!

6. Try a variety of flavors


Some experts say that the more flavors babies are introduced to now, the less likely they are. Aside from the very spicy food, go for it! Try curry, a little garlic, some lemon, or herbs like basil and dill. Remember to keep the salt low and have fun!

7. Keep trying foods


He notes that parents there are committed to expanding the tastes of their children: they allow their children to taste 15 different types of foods. It doesn’t mean force-feeding, but it does mean trying different preparations. If steamed zucchini sticks (for babies 8 months and older) don’t work, try zucchini. If this gets worn out, next week try some ripe and tender zucchini with lemon, etc.

8. Make sure the baby is not too hungry or tired


Just like you, your child tires when he is tired or sick. Try to introduce solid food when the baby is well and has recently rested and weaned. This way he will be more able and willing to focus on the food in front of him.

9. Mix it up


Since exploration is more the name of the game than calories, make sure baby experiments with plenty of textures and flavors. Not everything has to be soft. They can handle spices, are a bit chunky, and they can even nibble on slices of ripe fruit.

10. Try to take the child out


Although restaurant food is generally not child-friendly, eating out in a social setting is a great thing to do. Just get ready to relax because of the noise and a little bit of chaos. Although you may want to feed the baby in moderation, the baby can be fed soft, steamed vegetables and puree. It won’t be quite like date night, but it will kick you out of the house, and you eat like a family. Which is good for everyone.

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