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Top 10 rainy day craft ideas your child will love

Top 10 rainy day craft ideas your child will love

Kids enjoy playing in the rain during monsoon. It is impossible to prevent them, but taking into account their health, it is important to prevent them from going outside. And when you do, they stay home all day. Since there is no school and no outside activities, your child ends up watching TV or playing video games. The good news is that you can keep your child entertained and engaged all day long, even during monsoons. We have many ideas to turn a boring rainy day into fun.

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Here are some great craft ideas for your kids on those gloomy rainy days:

1. Rainy day picture art

You can use old papers for this artwork. Ask your child to cut out the shape of clouds, raindrops and rainbows. Paint these shapes in pretty colors and let them dry. When the shape dries, use the old papers to paint a nice blue background. Now paste these shapes on this background. Glue the clouds one on top of the other to give them a nice 3D effect.


2. Botanical drawing of a rainy day

This is a really fun rainy day craft for 4 year olds! Use a white sheet of paper as a base and have some watercolor ready on the board. You can use bright colors like yellow, red, green, blue, pink, etc. You can dip vegetables in paint to make creative designs on paper, such as corn to make beautiful flowers on paper, corn to make hay, thick carrot pieces in the shape of a cloud, and finally drawing with some raindrops. Complete it.

3. Rainbow on a rainy day

Kids love watching rain and rainbows! So what’s better than indulging in rainbow art on a rainy day? Use the colors VIBGYOR (violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red) to create a new rainbow on a white sheet of paper. You can ask the children to draw some clouds, a mountain, a lake and raindrops to draw a beautiful landscape.


4. Real painting umbrella

It’s fast, easy and a lot of fun! All you need is an umbrella, preferably a white umbrella, some acrylic colors and paint pens. Now let your kids draw something interesting on the umbrella, such as rainbow colored polka dots, raindrops, flowers, small umbrellas, etc. Let your imagination fly with this unique artistic technique.

5. Butterfly foot drawing

One of the perfect rainy day crafts for preschoolers! Make your little one a beautiful butterfly with your little feet, just by pressing the color and then the paper.


6. Rainy day girl with umbrella

This fun activity requires a lot of effort on your part as well as on the part of your child. You will need two graph paper, one white and one yellow, markers, kid friendly scissors, colored crepe paper, glue, white base paper and brown paint. You can cut out the shape of hand, arm, shoe, face and dress from yellow graph paper. Next, cut an umbrella out of white striped paper and some raindrops from blue crepe paper. Now ask your children to stick it on white paper. Use the pencil to highlight the features of the girl on her face and on her shoes. The fun part here is that you can have your kids tear the colored crepe paper and stick it to the surface of the umbrella, while the bottom umbrella stick can be painted brown.

7. Paper boats

Remember how you made paper boats in your childhood days. Similarly, start making small paper boats with your kids. Use different colored craft papers to make those boats look even more cute!


8. Rainy day hand-printed umbrella

This is another fun fun art for those rainy indoor days. Babies have very small hands, which is perfect for making hand-printed umbrellas! Cover your child’s palm completely with paint or alternatively, simply dip it in the paint and keep the hand in the closed position while he prints it on the base paper. Your hand-printed asymmetric umbrellas are ready. Use a marker to mark the folds of the canopy, draw a handle and some raindrops!

9. Rainy day paper turtle plate

Take a paper plate and turn it upside down. This will be the tortoise shell. Ask your kids to put different bright colors on the shell and keep it in the rain for a few minutes. After a few minutes, you will have a unique droplet pattern on the cover, allow it to dry. Next, take graph paper and cut out a turtle’s face, four legs and a tail. Now stick it inside the paper plate. Your rainy day paper turtle is ready to entertain you.

10. Paper Collage Art Rainy Day

Take colored papers and roughly tear the pages into small pieces. You can also use colorful cupcake liners to cut out the umbrella sheets. Next, draw rain-related outlines or pictures like clouds or rainbows, flowers, raindrops, an umbrella running on a small umbrella, etc. Ask your kids to stick these little pieces on the picture. Paper collage art is cool and unique and most importantly it keeps kids occupied for hours.

Your kids will surely love these cool and fun ideas. Go ahead and indulge in these creative activities with your kids and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime!

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