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What to do if the baby continues to sleep while breastfeeding?

What to do if the baby continues to sleep while breastfeeding?

In this article

  • Why does your newborn sleep while breastfeeding?
  • Why do some newborns sleep more than others?
  • Tips for keeping baby awake while breastfeeding

When your baby sleeps while feeding, he feels really comfortable and amazing. Everything is cuddled in his arms, it is heavenly to look at the calm face, sometimes smiles radially in his sleep. But, have you ever asked yourself if this is any good? Yes it is, but not all the time! So, when it doesn’t feel right, you might ask? Through this article we will answer all your questions.

Why does your newborn sleep while breastfeeding?

It is very normal for babies to fall asleep while breastfeeding for the first few months after a bath. Most of the time, an active, playful baby calms down and falls asleep while breastfeeding. This is all innate and nothing to worry about. Babies don’t have a set pattern or routine for the first few months or sometimes the first two years of life.

In the first few months, the baby may sleep for 14 to 18 hours a day and sometimes more. Therefore, the baby sleeps while feeding because it is only your baby’s bedtime. Your baby may be tired, and breastfeeding will not only feed him but also calm him and help him sleep.

Why do some newborns sleep more than others?

Wondering why some newborns sleep longer than others? this is the reason:

  • Some babies tire easily and fall asleep after a period of feeding.
  • Some babies can’t get enough milk to fill themselves even after 20 minutes of feeding, so they may become depressed and fall asleep.

It can be devastating for a mother to realize that the baby has fallen asleep without being able to sleep properly. They may find out later that their child is not gaining weight for the same reason. To make sure your baby is full at the end of breastfeeding, pay attention to the following signs.

  • Your baby is awake and fully awake at the start of feeding.
  • You can hear them swallowing something while feeding.
  • Your breasts feel lighter and less full at the end of feeding
  • Your baby’s hands are open and relaxed, and his arms are hanging out.

The above signs indicate that your baby is full and there is nothing to worry about.

Please remember that if your baby sleeps while feeding with a fist on the face and tension, it may mean that your baby is feeling hungry and frustrated even after continuous sucking.

If your baby is not getting whole breast milk, he will be drinking more milk every half hour and you both will not get enough sleep. In this case, you may want to keep your baby awake while feeding. Also, if you are planning to wean your baby away from the association between breastfeeding and sleep, the following tips for keeping your baby awake while breastfeeding may work.

Tips for keeping baby awake while breastfeeding

First, try to fix your daytime sleep and nap schedule. Start your day by giving yourself 30 or 90 minutes and feeding the baby at the beginning of the day as soon as the baby wakes up. Give the next meal after a nap. This way the baby is fully awake while feeding because he has just finished his nap. But if your baby’s bedtime is 120 minutes or more, you can take two minutes before the nap. The second shortcut is that you may want to breastfeed so your baby doesn’t wake up very hungry.

If you find that even after setting a predictable feeding and napping schedule, your baby is not fully feeding and sleeping between feedings, try the following tricks.

  • Break the suction by placing your fingers between your breast and the baby’s mouth.
  • Move the breasts after a short while or when you feel your baby is asleep.
  • Put some milk in one corner of your baby’s mouth to encourage him to suck again.
  • Squeeze your breast while feeding to speed up the flow of milk.
  • Put a damp cloth on your baby’s head, stomach and feet between feedings. This will keep them awake and encourage them to suck again.
  • Have the child sit upright.


  • Use less sleep-inducing feeding positions, such as soccer or spacer poses
  • Hold your baby under the arms, legs or neck from time to time to keep him awake.
  • Keep your baby’s feet open while feeding.
  • Change diapers before feeding until you feel fresh.
  • Keep a dim light in the room.
  • Play some light music in the background to keep them in the mood.
  • Gently run your finger over your baby’s spine while feeding.
  • Try to take a hot bath with your child.
  • Feed them as soon as they wake up

Sleeping while breastfeeding is not a big deal as babies can do this when they are tired. However, this becomes a problem if they cannot drink enough which can make them underweight. Use the tips above to keep them energetic and prevent them from falling asleep early.

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