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Symptoms of Omicron Stealth: Cases of the Omicron sub-variant increasing in India, know its symptoms

Symptoms of Omicron Stealth: Cases of the Omicron sub-variant increasing in India, know its symptoms

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  • Omicron ruin sub variants
  • Stealthy cases of Omicron on the rise in India
  • Know all of its symptoms

Its variables have been a cause for concern since the start of the Corona epidemic. Each variant is different from the previous one. Besides the variables, now all the variables are in the foreground. The scientist, still battling the havoc of Omicron, now faces the Stealth Omicron sub-alternate (BA.2). Also in India, cases of the Stealth Omicron (BA.2) sub-variant of Omicron are increasing rapidly. Cases of the sub variant have so far been found in Denmark, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Singapore including India. The BA.2 strain propagates several times faster than the original Omicron variant.

What is Stealth Omicron- It was previously believed that Omicron is several times more infectious than Delta variants. Although its symptoms are less severe than those of Delta, the sub variant, Stealth Omicron, is not considered mild. It can even survive an RT-PCR test. This is why scientists are increasingly concerned about the Stealth Omicron. Earlier, it was easy to access all variants for RT-PCR testing. The World Health Organization states, “The OMicron strain BA.1 has been prevalent so far, but recent data from India, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Denmark show that cases of BA.2 are increasing rapidly.”

Symptoms of the new sub variant omicron- According to experts, the symptoms of each type of aura are different from before. Symptoms of Omicron are different from those of Delta. Most Omicron patients complain of a runny nose or tingling in the throat. These patients do not experience a loss of taste or smell as was the case in Delta. So far, no different symptoms have been shown for the Omicron subvariants. However, even after a sore throat, people’s RT-PCR test reports came back negative. According to experts, in many cases this may be due to the theft of Omicron. Stealth Omicron also presents with symptoms such as a runny nose, headache, fatigue, sneezing, and sore throat.

Is Omicron Stealth Dangerous? The World Health Organization says more studies are needed to find out if BA.2 is more dangerous than BA.1. According to health experts, even BA.2 patients are at risk of hospitalization. The effect of the original Omicron variant on the lungs has not yet been demonstrated, but according to the cases in India, the BA.2 strain affects the patient’s lungs the most. Injuries from 5% to 40% were also seen in the lungs of new patients with this disease. Stealth Omicron not only specializes in avoiding immunity, but it also doesn’t fall short of the test. At present, laboratory RT-PCR is the standard test for all variants.


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