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Relationship facts and myths

Relationship facts and myths

As loving as your relationship with your spouse may be, problems can sometimes creep into heaven. This is more likely if you’re the type who grew up on her own dose of rom-coms and expects your love life to be out of a romance novel!
Filming these legends will ensure you get the most realistic shot of “Happy Ever After”.
If you put your trust in relationship myths, you and your partner could be headed for disaster. Living with sensitivity and enjoying all that marriage has to offer should be realistic. Just as life has its ups and downs, so do relationships and the sooner you realize them, the better!

10 relationship myths you need to get rid of

Even the most seemingly perfect couples have problems, no one knows what happens behind their perfect closed doors! Before you plunge yourself into a world of unrealistic expectations and heartbreak, here are 9 common misconceptions about relationships that you need to remove from your life forever!

1. Love will always be

The beautiful wedding, the shared laughter and finally the children – they are some of the highlights of the wedding. However, the love between you and your partner can reach rough patches from time to time. When you accept that there is a chance that your relationship may stand in the way, it can motivate you to work even harder to keep your marriage alive. Short vacations, more time alone and regular dates can keep the spice alive.

2. Jealousy means you care

While it can be cute at times when your partner is a little jealous, that doesn’t always mean you care; In fact, an overly possessive partner may soon get on your nerves! If your partner experiences the pain of jealousy when you don’t give a reason, you need to make an effort to change. This applies to you too. If jealousy is out of control, it can lead to devastating fights and tear you both apart. Mind games and trying to make your partner jealous can also be careful!

3. He fights, breaks the relationship

One of the most common myths and facts about relationships is that disagreements can destroy a relationship. It couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the occasional fight can bring you closer. Now, issues that could deepen resentment and disperse the two of you should not be resolved!

4. A child guarantees a happy marriage

How many times have you heard: “Children can solve marital problems”? Absolute nonsense! In fact, studies have shown that for some couples, the challenges this poses — both physically and financially — can weaken bonds even more. What you and your husband should do is to be aware of the changes that will occur after the birth of the baby. When you know what you’re doing, it will be easier to deal with.

5. Love will save the day

No, love does not always conquer everyone. This cannot stop you from seeing your partner’s flaws. Make sure you make time for date nights, your partner appreciates what they do for you, and make an effort to resolve conflicts. One of the biggest myths about relationships is that if you love each other to little bits, the little things can be taken for granted. It’s just what we launched – big legend!

6. Couples should have sex once a month/week/day

Who says that? As long as you and your spouse are in a healthy, loving relationship, the frequency of sex is entirely up to both of you. If you’re having less sex than some of your friends and you’re totally happy, that’s okay. In fact, comparing and measuring friends can be confusing and lead to problems that weren’t there before. However, sex opens the doors to intimacy and may be all you need during a sometimes tiring week.

7. A happy couple only needs each other and no one else

Many couples assume that if love is real, then it is all other needs. That’s right, while it feels great to be friends with each other, friendships outside of your relationship are valuable too. Your friends and family can provide support and good times when your partner isn’t available. A good support system is just as important as a strong bond with your partner.

8. Don’t go to bed angry

It is true that crying yourself to sleep is the worst feeling of all. But sometimes it’s better to fall asleep when solving a problem than trying to solve it in the middle of the night. At the end of a long day, your fatigue and anger might lead you to say bad things to each other. Relax and talk with a new mind in the morning. Who knows, a sneaky cuddle in the middle of the night might make you forget about anger!

9. Love should be easy

Oftentimes, especially during a difficult period, we find ourselves thinking, “Is this worth the struggle? Shouldn’t love be easy? And we are here to tell you, yes love is worth the struggle and not love is always easy? In fact, loving someone is hard work.” This means being patient, understanding, accepting and caring even if sometimes you don’t. In return, you get the same deal, full hugs and lifelong support! No bad deal, eh?

10. “He needs to know why I’m upset, does he even care?”

No, men are not mind readers. neither you! So why base your argument entirely on texts from fairy tales? Your partner is a human being. And real people can notice that the other person is upset, but don’t expect them to know if the careless expression, word, or deed they have done is strange to you or some random dream is bothering you. Tell him what he is and that he cares about you while he’s trying to make the love of your life happy again!

Remember, there are no perfect relationships, only real relationships. Real people full of learning together, growing together and choosing each other no matter how difficult the road. Turn off that unreal version of blinking love on TV or grab some popcorn and laugh together about how your love story gets any better!

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