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Is losing weight easier for a woman than for a man?

Is losing weight easier for a woman than for a man?

On your fitness journey, comparison is something you should stay away from! Stop comparing yourself to your husband if he is lower than you and loses weight easily. The bodies of men and women are different both structurally and internally. There are even differences of opinion about how to lose weight and exercise.

Losing weight is a daunting climb, especially for women. You have to work hard and be dedicated to reach your goal. Sometimes it seems that even if you smell food, you have gained weight! On the other hand, men don’t have to struggle so much to lose it. In a recent study, Slimming World, a UK slimming programme, followed 34,000 dieters and found that men lose more weight than women! This is not fair at all!

Weight loss comparison: why men lose weight faster than women

1. Men = more muscle

Men have more muscles than women. Because of testosterone and because muscle burns more calories than fat, men also have a faster metabolism, which helps them lose weight quickly. For the same reason, women find it difficult to lose weight, as they are rich in fats. To balance this out, lift more weight to do strength training, build muscle, and burn more calories besides doing cardio alone.

2. It’s organic!


Because of the higher levels of estrogen in the body, women have a genetic predisposition to store and retain fat more than men. Estrogen increases fat stores, especially around the hips, thighs, breasts, and buttocks. No wonder it’s hard to shed abs and shed hips!

3. It’s hormonal

After a workout, women sometimes end up eating more because the “I’m hungry” hormone — ghrelin — rises after exercise, while leptin, the hormone that tells the brain that you’re full, goes down. For this reason, women tend to eat more, which puts them at risk of becoming overweight. On the other hand, people do not experience these hormonal problems.

4. Metabolic difference

The struggle to lose weight in women has to do with metabolism, too. Men’s bodies respond quickly to exercise due to increased muscle mass. Meanwhile, women’s bodies go into starvation mode when they first start exercising. This slows down your metabolism and prevents you from losing weight quickly.

5. Eating habits

Women are very passionate eaters. We don’t turn to food when we’re really hungry, but when we’re happy, sad, stressed, anxious, or bored. When we are emotional, we make poor food choices, such as eating refined foods. We prefer carbohydrates while men prefer protein and that makes a huge difference!

When it comes to weight loss, the saying that “men are from Mars, women are from Venus” sounds true. Women’s bodies are designed differently than men’s, and they react differently to weight loss and exercise plans. That’s why it’s not fair to make fitness comparisons between you and men, and between different women. This does not mean that you should lose heart and focus on your fitness. This means that since losing weight is not easier for women than for men, you need to diet and exercise wisely and wisely.

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