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The perfect drink for feeling energized as a new mom

The perfect drink for feeling energized as a new mom

It’s no secret – everyone knows that a new mom is short on sleep and energy. It is normal to neglect your health and put your child’s needs before your own. But have you ever stopped to think about the effect it would have on your child if they got sick? How do you take care of your child when you cannot take care of yourself? It is necessary to take care of your health, if not for yourself, then at least for your child. He is totally dependent on you to exist, love, comfort and nurture.

Specific measures to raise your energy levels, such as getting enough sleep and staying hydrated throughout the day, simply won’t work; Why do you hardly have time for a quick shower! And you’re already eating healthy foods so your baby can get all the nutrition he needs. So what else can you do to feel rejuvenated again? Well, first of all, you need to determine the cause.

Did you know that anemia can be the reason why you feel tired all the time?

Anemia is mainly caused by iron deficiency, and is most common in pregnant women and new mothers. The consequences of ignoring it can be dangerous for both new and expectant mothers. A pregnant woman may face serious complications at the time of delivery, such as the birth of a premature baby. New moms also face a variety of issues, such as decreased energy levels, increased chances of developing postpartum depression, and even decreased breast quality and quantity! What’s worse, because feeling tired and low is a typical symptom of new moms, it can last until you’ve already been diagnosed with anemia. Even if you don’t have it yet, your body will still be deficient in iron and folic acid after giving birth.

For this reason, the World Health Organization recommends that “women should be provided with iron and folic acid supplements for at least three months after delivery.”

You definitely need a supplement. Likewise, you need the right amount of folic acid to ensure the brain development of your unborn baby. But again, you can’t take any supplement. You have to choose the one who will not harm your child’s health.

We recommend Naturalmore for women, a supplement that is not only rich in iron and folic acid, but also rich in calcium, biotin and omega-3 DHA. Calcium keeps your bones healthy, biotin keeps your skin, nails and hair healthy, and omega-3 DHA is important for the normal development of the brain and eyes. Plus it’s 100% vegan and herbal. All you have to do is do it once every day – just add a scoop to a glass of milk or water and enjoy a lifetime of health and happiness. If you like, you can also add it to smoothies and shakes.

The consequences of anemia in new mothers can cause long-term health problems for you and your baby. To secure your bundle of joy, it is essential that you take care of yourself. Remember that your baby will only be healthy when you are healthy.

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